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With Us Every Step of the Way

Title: With Us Every Step of the Way
N/A Schneider Hammers 5555 Glenridge Connector. Suite 975
GA 30342
Phone: (770) 900-9000

Client Description: To the Schneider and Hammer firm; I want to take the time out to sincerely write a brief thank you letter to you all from my family and I. We really appreciate you guys for not just handling our case, but also just taking the time out to sincerely listen to all our worries, cries, anger, and the lists goes on.. You all never got frustrated with all of questions that we had lol. You all always responded quickly and in the best possible way. You were with us every step of the way, while we as a family went through such a tragedy that we all are blessed to have even survived. You all also gave my family and I the best advice and kept us updated with everything that was going on day by day, week by week, and month by month; and we greatly appreciated that; by us never even being in a terrible situation like ours before. You treated us more than like a client but like family! We will always greatly appreciate what you all have done for our family. For anyone out there that has been in any accident or know anyone that has, please I tell you Schneider and Hammer firm is the way to go! May 30, 2019 will never be a day we will forget. We are thankful and blessed to have found you all to represent us especially Jason and Ashley for taking on most of our case from the bottom of our hearts.

Rating: ★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars