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JUUL was originally introduced into the market as a safer alternative to smoking or even a refreshing experience better than smoking. However, much has changed since then. People that started using this nicotine-based e-cigarette products brand, which included teenagers have increasingly found themselves facing serious health problems as well as addiction. If you have been harmed by JUUL contact a JUUL lawsuit attorney today.

People that have either suffered life-threatening complications after using JUUL products or have become addicted to JUUL products are currently engaging a JUUL attorney looking to file a lawsuit to receive compensation for damages suffered due to negligence and false marketing by JUUL.

JUUL is accused of failing to provide adequate warnings on the dangers associated with the use of its products, which has resulted in thousands of young people and adults alike struggling to quit after experiencing the adverse effects of using products made by the company.

If you have used or currently use JUUL products and have suffered negative consequences as a result of using such products, you could be eligible to join an e-cigarette lawsuit or a JUUL lawsuit that targets the manufacturer.

The lawsuit is aimed at holding JUUL responsible for its negligent actions as well as the smoking epidemic the company started and continues to fuel among the youth. Contact one of our personal injury attorneys at one of Georgia’s best personal injury law firm and schedule a complimentary consultation at no cost to you.

What is JUUL?

It is a smoking device typically found in the shape of a USB stick that’s manufactured by JUUL Labs. Many teen smokers and the youth have been captivated by the device since it has a sleek shape, comes in a variety of flavors, and is easy to conceal.

Contrary to claims the manufacturer makes that JUUL is a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, recent research studies have revealed that the product exposes its users to some of the most dangerous health effects associated with traditional cigarettes.

JUUL has also been found to expose users to additional risks not associated with regular cigarettes such as the susceptibility to bronchiolitis obliterans that’s also referred to as ‘popcorn lung’. While research into the effects of JUUL products is still in its early stages, experts have warned personal injury law firms such as Schneider Hammers to prepare for a considerable rise in the number of e-cigarette related lawsuits.

The increase in use and popularity of JUUL products, as well as the piling evidence of their adverse effects on human health, has led to firms such as Schneider Hammers filing lawsuits on behalf of the users of JUUL products throughout the country. Close examination of court documents shows that at least 1 JUUL lawsuit has been filed by state prosecutors in different state courts. Private law firms such as Schneider Hammers are also pursuing numerous individual cases.

If you are a current user of JUUL or any other e-cigarette brand currently available in the market, you should make it a point to read the important information provided here regarding the harmful effects of JUUL as well as e-cigarettes in general. It is also advisable to carry out in-depth research on the possible hazards you might be exposing yourself to before continuing to use such products.

If you are a smoker that’s currently addicted to JUUL products, it can be a good idea to join with other affected users in the fight for justice against the manufacturer by filing a lawsuit against JUUL for its failure to provide adequate warnings about the true consequences of using its products.

What Complications Are JUUL Users Exposed To?

The growth and transformation of JUUL into an industry leader in the e-cigarette market can be attributed to a variety of factors. The most dominant of these factors, however, is that JUUL marketed itself to potential users as a better and healthier alternative to smoking regular cigarettes.

JUUL launched a massive promotional campaign geared towards manipulating the public that it is actually healthier to smoke its products than regular cigarettes and that using JUUL products was an effective way to help users stop smoking.

According to a research study published in the American Journal of Physiology, however, e-cigarettes such as JUUL actually contain chemical flavorings and additives that expose users to a higher risk of lung damage compared to using regular cigarettes.

The overwhelming evidence led to the FDA stepping in and correcting the false claims that JUUL made by stating that no evidence actually supports the claim that the use of JUUL products is safer than smoking regular cigarettes.

The FDA stated that by JUUL making such claims, the company was in direct contravention of federal law. JUUL has consequently been asked to produce evidence that substantiates claims that it is in deed a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes.

A JUUL electronic cigarette.

If you need a JUUL lawsuit attorney contact Schneider Hammers today!

Studies have revealed that nicotine dependence can have some serious and adverse effects on the human body. Users of JUUL products have complained of experiencing adverse effects, which include:

  • Mental Issues
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Lung Failure or Respiratory Failure
  • Heart Problems or Heart Attacks
  • Severe Addiction
  • Seizures
  • Stroke
  • Suicide Attempts or Suicidal Thoughts
  • Birth Defects and Complications During Pregnancy
  • Nicotine Poisoning
  • Cardiovascular Disorders
  • And Numerous Other Complications

If you are a JUUL user and have experienced any of the symptoms above, you need to cease using JUUL products immediately. You should also remember that if you experienced any of these effects after using the company’s products, you might also be eligible to be enjoined in a lawsuit against JUUL.

Is It True That JUUL Products Are Safer to Use Compared to Regular Cigarettes?

As was clearly indicated in the FDA’s letter, there’s actually no evidence that has found JUUL to be a better or even safer alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Besides JUUL’s unsubstantiated claim, it is important to note that the high concentration of nicotine in JUUL pods is a serious cause of concern. In fact, one of the key issues that attorneys are raising in the JUUL lawsuit is the sheer quantity of nicotine in those products.

What’s the Nicotine Concentration in A JUUL Pod Compared to a Packet of Regular Cigarettes?

JUUL, as well as other e-cigarette brands, puts users at a higher risk of developing adverse health effects associated with the use of nicotine. To get a clearer picture, consider the following: A regular e-cigarette has a considerably low dose of nicotine with its concentration ranging anywhere from 6 to 30 milligrams of nicotine for every milliliter of vaping liquid. JUUL, on the other hand, has a considerably higher nicotine level since it contains 59 milligrams of nicotine for every milliliter of vaping liquid.

JUUL has actually stated that a single JUUL Pod contains the same amount of nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes. Experts have stated that the amount of nicotine in a single JUULPod is higher than the amount of nicotine contained in a pack of cigarettes because when using regular cigarettes, nicotine is actually lost in filtration.

JUUL Pods, on the other hand, don’t come with a filtration system, which means that users are taking in all the nicotine contained in the liquid. The high nicotine dose of JUULPods puts users at a higher risk of experiencing health problems typically associated with nicotine use and addiction.

JUUL has claimed that its products are a safer alternative to regular cigarettes and that they can help smokers quit the habit completely, there are no facts actually supporting such claims.

Substantive evidence is available proving that JUUL can be used as a tool for helping people quit smoking. It is, however, apparent that JUUL contains the same or even higher nicotine content than regular cigarettes.

Nicotine is the substance that actually causes smokers to get addicted to cigarettes, which means that there’s actually no reason to believe that using JUUL products can be an effective way for a person to quit smoking.

Other e-cigarette brands are known to have lower nicotine content, and hence can be said to help you quit smoking, but JUUL simply cannot. Every day, JUUL users are reporting the adverse health effects associated with the use of nicotine and nicotine withdrawal whenever they try to stop using JUUL.

Users of JUUL products that are currently facing any symptoms that can be attributed to nicotine withdrawal or nicotine dependence can be eligible to participate in a JUUL or e-cigarette lawsuit.

Are the Rest of E-Cigarette Brands as Harmful and Bad as JUUL?

Just like JUUL, e-cigarette manufacturers often market their products as being a healthier and safer alternative to smoking regular cigarettes because they don’t contain the harmful chemicals typically found in regular cigarettes.

E-cigarette manufacturers, however, often fail to warn people that use their products that e-cigarettes contain diacetyl. Diacetyl is a very toxic chemical once vaporized since its vapor leaves users exposed to debilitating health effects.

A common health complication reported by people exposed to diacetyl vapor is bronchiolitis obliterans, which is also known as ‘popcorn lung’. It is a rare health condition that causes damage to the small airways in the lungs thus making it extremely hard for the person affected to breathe. It often ends up leading to aggressive coughing fits.

If bronchiolitis obliterans is left untreated, it can lead to a complete collapse of the lung and this can be fatal. ‘Popcorn lung’ is also referred to as ‘coffee lung’ and those that work in manufacturing facilities that produce animal food, gum, and other food products may contract the condition.

Diacetyl is essentially harmless if not vaporized. It is used as an additive to enhance flavors used in e-liquids. However, when it is put into an e-cigarette or pod and vaporized, it is often transformed into a highly toxic and hazardous chemical.

The risk of suffering from health complications after using e-cigarettes highly depends on the brand being used. If you use JUUL, you will be using a product that doesn’t contain diacetyl but has a higher nicotine content than regular cigarettes.

If you use other brands of e-cigarettes, you will be smoking nicotine in smaller quantities but at the same time exposing yourself to the risk of contracting ‘popcorn lung’ because of the presence of diacetyl.

Upon review of all the facts, it is best to simply quit using e-cigarettes because either way, you will actually be exposing yourself to the risk of developing health complications associated with the use of any e-cigarette product.

Teen boy using JUUL vape pen.

Are Flavored Pods Typically More Harmful Than the Unflavored Pods?

JUUL has an impressive range of exciting flavors including cool cucumber, mango, crème Brulee, and fruit medley. The flavors have an enticing taste and are attractive to those that normally don’t smoke because they don’t have the odor typically associated with traditional cigarettes.

According to the federal regulations, it is against the law for a cigarette manufacturing company to offer flavored tobacco since it tends to be more appealing to teens and the youth. JUUL and other e-cigarette manufacturers, however, have managed to circumvent the law because they are technically offering a flavored vaping fluid that has nicotine as opposed to flavored tobacco.

Today, advocacy groups, state and federal prosecutors, and people enjoined in JUUL lawsuits are fighting the ability of e-cigarette manufacturers to offer flavored tobacco. All those with lawsuits in court are in favor of e-cigarette manufacturers offering traditional tobacco flavors only. However, these flavors can currently still be found in the market.

Manufacturers typically use diacetyl to give e-cigarettes their flavors. While not all manufacturers actually use diacetyl, the vast majority do. E-liquids that come in buttery and sweet flavors such as candy, coffee, butterscotch, peppermint, and chocolate typically contain diacetyl.

JUUL is currently under intense scrutiny for offering sweet and fruity flavors of e-liquid. Numerous cases have been filed by state attorneys claiming that fruity flavors of e-liquid flooded the market by JUUL and other manufacturers have been one of the key contributors to the worsening vaping epidemic among the youth.

The FDA is currently developing a plan that’s designed to limit the sale of any flavored e-cigarette products. Once the plan has fallen into place, JUUL and other e-cigarette manufacturers will be limited to only selling less popular products that taste like regular tobacco.

Why Is There A Massive Outcry About the Prevalence of Youths Who Are Users of JUUL Products?

A study published in JAMA Pediatrics revealed that close to 50 percent of the people that followed JUUL on Twitter last year were between the ages of 13 and 17. JUUL has essentially become the face of e-cigarettes due to its wide range of amazing flavors, sleek and concealable pods, the odorless nature of its e-liquid and its false advertising that JUUL can be a healthier alternative to smoking.

JUUL has undertaken a massive marketing campaign designed to end the stigma surrounding smoking. JUUL’s campaign has dealt a massive blow to the anti-smoking advocacy groups that have been working tirelessly for a long time to build a stigma around smoking.

The advocacy groups build the stigma around tobacco by emphasizing the dangers of inhaling second-hand smoke, the foul odor of cigarette smoke, and the adverse health side effects. JUUL has effectively managed to put an end to the stigma by seemingly coming up with a solution to all those issues.

For starters. JUUL is completely odorless, doesn’t have second-hand smoke, and the manufacturer has continually made claims about the product being safe and healthy in spite of the fact that not even a shred of evidence has been provided to prove those claims.

Unfortunately, the demographic most susceptible to the false marketing that JUUL carried out is teenagers and the youth. The consumption of tobacco among the youth had been steadily declining starting from the mid-90s until the recent explosion in e-liquid use. The introduction and aggressive marketing by JUUL and other manufacturers of e-cigarettes, however, has led to an increase in nicotine consumption by the same demographic i.e. teenagers and the youth.

About 11 percent of students in middle school and high school have actually admitted to using JUUL. The sad fact is that this number has been rising steadily.

Analysis carried out by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), about 33 percent of teenagers that use e-cigarettes report being attracted to the nicotine-based products because of the availability of different flavors.

Of the teenagers that were interviewed, a further 39 percent attributed their use of those products to influence from family members that had used e-cigarettes. 17 percent of teenagers confessed to using JUUL since they believed that it is actually less harmful than other forms of tobacco.

The above statistics are a clear indication that the misconceptions surrounding the health risks associated with the use of JUUL as well as other e-cigarettes play a massive role in convincing teenagers and young people to use nicotine-containing products.

A study undertaken by the University of Michigan found that most teenagers that use e-cigarettes believed that they were simply taking vaping liquids that didn’t contain any nicotine when they last used an e-cigarette.

According to a different study carried out by the Truth Initiative found that 63 percent of youths between ages 15 and 24 and JUUL users as well weren’t aware of the fact that the product actually contained nicotine, which is a substance that contains chemicals known to inhibit brain development in adolescents.

Teenagers as well as youth that find themselves addicted to using JUUL should consider enjoining in a JUUL lawsuit while they fight to repair the adverse effects the product has had on their health.

Top Things You Should Know About JUUL Lawsuits

Today, experienced personal injury lawyers are in talks with numerous individuals that have been adversely affected by the use of JUUL products with the aim of filing a JUUL lawsuit. Intakes for JUUL cases and e-cigarette cases are currently ongoing. The number of people looking to be enjoined in the suit is continually growing as additional information is unearthed regarding the negative side effects of JUUL use.

The law firm of Schneider Hammers is currently filing JUUL lawsuits on behalf of teenagers as well as youths that have been addicted to JUUL or suffered serious health complications due to the false targeted campaign by the company. Some of the injuries that those affected can claim in JUUL lawsuits include the following:

  • Nicotine poisoning
  • Respiratory failure or lung failure
  • Severe addiction
  • Mental health and behavioral issues
  • Suicide attempts or suicidal thoughts
  • Childbirth defects or pregnancy complications
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Seizures
  • Strokes
  • Other complications associated with nicotine withdrawal and/or nicotine addiction

JUUL electronic cigarette packaging.

The law firm of Schneider Hammers also offers representation to previous non-smokers that might have contracted vaping lung. People with the condition may have used a different e-cigarette brand besides JUUL such as Vuse, Njoy, or Blu.

It is everyone’s collective responsibility to ensure that JUUL and other e-cigarette manufacturers are held responsible for their dangerous and negligent actions that include; violating the consumer fraud laws and the failure to provide a warning to customers on the dangers associated with using their products.

The loss or pain and the liability for any injuries that you may have suffered fall upon JUUL and other manufacturers of e-cigarettes. The best way to fight back and get justice is making sure that companies such as JUUL, Njoy, Blu, and Vuse never have the opportunity to injure anybody else, particularly the youth.

If you or a loved one have sufficient reason to believe that you qualify to be enjoined in a JUUL lawsuit, get in touch with one of our experienced attorneys at Schneider Hammers law firm today. We will give you a free consultation that doesn’t put you under any obligation to retain our services in case you have suffered injuries due to the use of JUUL products.

Contact an Experienced JUUL Lawsuit Attorney

If you would like to file for damages in a JUUL case or have a lawsuit that’s already ongoing, you can do certain things to strengthen the lawsuit. Your personal injury attorney will inform you that all you have to do but it can be a good idea to also familiarize yourself with all that’s needed so that you can start to collect and document the required information immediately.

The first and perhaps most important thing to do is to stop using JUUL immediately. If you have suffered complications or injuries after using JUUL, you need to take all necessary measures to mitigate the adverse effects of the product as quickly as possible. The best way to do this is to stop using JUUL.

We understand that JUUL is a highly addictive substance and you thus might have a difficult time stopping using it immediately. If you are at a high risk of suffering from mental or physical injuries after discontinuing its use, it can be a good idea not to stop using it all at once. A better approach would be to reduce your consumption slowly.

Once you have preferably discontinued the use of JUUL, the next step in boosting your case is gathering evidence. In a JUUL lawsuit, the best evidence you can offer your lawyer is proof of how regularly you used the product as well as how it led to health complications or injuries.

Some of the evidence you need to start collecting and documenting includes:

  • Medical records on the complications you had after using JUUL
  • Video or photo evidence showing you using JUUL
  • Receipts or other kinds of billing information showing your JUUL purchases
  • Personal recordings that detail your JUUL use and any complications you might be having

Simply put, you need to start keeping a journal on how you have been using JUUL, how your addiction has progressed, or health complications suffered, along with any other useful information that’s relevant to your case. The information can include discussions with your doctor regarding the complications you suffered after using JUUL.

Once you start the process of evidence gathering, the next step in the JUUL lawsuit will be assessing the level of damages the product has actually caused you.

Damages in a JUUL lawsuit may include the following:

  • Tangible financial costs related to the injuries caused by JUUL use such as treatment and medical costs
  • Intangible costs from injuries such as anguish, pain, and suffering

Your JUUL lawyer will help you asses the damages that you are entitled to and fight as hard as possible to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your suffering and injuries.

If you are looking for a free and non-obligation consultation on matters regarding a JUUL lawsuit, chemical exposure lawsuit, or e-cigarette lawsuit, don’t hesitate to contact the highly skilled and proficient lawyers at Schneider Hammers law firm. One of our leading investigation experts with be in touch with you shortly to discuss the future of your JUUL lawsuit at no cost to you!