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What to Do if You’re Injured in a Georgia Traffic Roundabout Accident

Roundabouts have grown in popularity throughout the United States, and especially here in Georgia. They are generally considered to be safer than traditional intersections, although accidents can still occur. There...

Roswell Left Turn Accident Attorney

Making a left turn is always fraught with risk, especially during heavy traffic and at busy intersections. In most cases, the driver turning left will be responsible in the event...

Smyrna, Georgia Back-Over Accident Attorney

A back-over accident occurs when a vehicle, going in reverse, backs over a pedestrian. These accidents are relatively common but almost always avoidable. When they occur, they result in significant...

Proving Lost Wages After an Accident or Injury in Mableton, Georgia

If you have suffered an automobile accident or personal injury, you will likely lose time from work. Many accident and injury victims have to spend time in the hospital after...

What To Do When Defective Household Products Cause Burn Injuries

Serious burn injuries can happen when using defective household products. These injuries can cause a lifetime of disfigurement, not to mention serious pain and medical bills. Consumers have a right...

Mediation as an Alternative to Court

Many personal injury lawsuits that are not settled by the insurance company end up going to court. But this is not the only way to resolve the matter in the...

What to Do After a Sideswipe Car Accident

A sideswipe accident occurs when the side of one vehicle comes into contact with the side of another. While this type of accident may sound minor, a sideswipe car accident...

Potholes Are More Dangerous Than You May Think

Proper road maintenance doesn't just protect our cars from damage. It is also essential to ensuring safe driving conditions. An often underestimated hazard is posed by potholes. Not only can...

Georgia Nursing Home Malnutrition Attorneys

Nursing homes are responsible for overseeing their residents' needs, including making sure they are properly eating. But this often does not happen, resulting in malnutrition. Malnutrition is typically an indication...

Georgia Rear-End Automobile Accident Attorneys

Atlanta is no stranger to busy interstate highways crammed with motorists. Countless drivers travel daily to and from work, drop off and pick up children from school, go shopping, and...

Johnson & Johnson Recalls Baby Powder After Asbestos Found

Johnson & Johnson recalled 33,000 bottles of baby powder after the FDA found asbestos in one of the bottles. The recall only applies to a single lot of baby powder...

$572 Million Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson Over Opioid Crisis

An Oklahoma judge has ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $572 million for its role in the state's opioid crisis. In the first of its kind ruling, Judge Thad Balkman...