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Georgia Burn Injury Attorney

Burns are among the most painful and life-altering injuries that an individual can experience. It is not uncommon to suffer disfigurement, scars, and psychological consequences from your burn. The burn...

Blind Spot Large Truck Accidents in Mableton, Georgia

The blind spot presents a risk to any driver, but especially to those of large trucks. Even though truck drivers are generally well-trained, just one oversight can cause a catastrophic...

Single Vehicle Accidents: Who’s at Fault?

Not all automobile accidents involve two or more vehicles. In many cases, only one vehicle is involved, injuring the driver and any passengers. Some single vehicle accidents are the fault...

Georgia ATV Accident Attorneys

All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are common throughout Georgia. Although ATVs may be used for recreational or work purposes, they come with heightened safety risks. Unsafe and improper use of ATVs...

Liability in Atlanta Bad Weather Accidents

Everyone knows that inclement weather makes driving much less safe. However, far too many irresponsible drivers try to use the weather as an excuse to cover up their poor driving....

How Post-Accident Medical Decisions Can Destroy Your Case in Mableton, Georgia

After an automobile accident, you have to take medical action – not just legal action – to get compensation. This is also essential to your health and to treating injuries...

How Reckless Driving Impacts Your Automobile Accident Claim

Atlanta, Georgia drivers often use the phrase “reckless driving” to describe bad drivers, but what does it really mean? And if reckless driving was responsible for your automobile accident, how...

Headache After a Car Accident: Why You Need to See the Doctor

We all know about some of the worst injuries that can happen to a car accident victim. Brain damage, paralysis, even death can result. In light of these, it's tempting...

Georgia’s Hands-Free Law and What to do After an Accident

Georgia's hands-free law restricting cell phone use during driving was enacted in July 2018. The number of citations has certainly jumped since then. But this doesn't mean the law has...

Driving Under the Influence is Not Limited to Alcohol

When you hear terms like DWI and driving under the influence, you probably immediately think of alcohol. But these words and phrases are not limited to alcohol-impaired driving. A vehicle...

CJ’s Law Increases Penalties for Hit and Run Accidents in Atlanta, Georgia

CJ's Law, designed to increase criminal penalties for hit and run accidents in Georgia, goes into effect this month. Although the law strengthens criminal punishments for hit and runs, victims...

What is a Soft Tissue Injury?

A soft tissue injury can result from numerous types of accidents and physical trauma. Some injuries are relatively minor and will improve with time. Others are more severe, more painful,...