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  • Email Reveals Prologis May be At-Fault in Sterigenics Lawsuit
    Sterigenics, a medical sterilization plant, released airborne toxins that caused elevated cancer risks to those living in surrounding areas. More than 300 individuals have filed lawsuits claiming they developed cancer or other illnesses due to the company’s negligence. Now, court filings show that Sterigenics’ landlord, Prologis, is also under fire. Prologis could be facing liability for failing to repair and
  • Liability for Collisions with a Fixed Object
    Not every car accident involves two or more automobiles. Some instead are single-vehicle collisions where the driver collides with a fixed object. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), vehicles leaving the roadway and colliding with a fixed object such as a tree, pole, road sign, or traffic barrier account for around 20 percent of all car crash-related
  • How Exposure to Ethylene Oxide Can Cause Cancer
    Ethylene oxide (EtO) at room temperature is a colorless flammable gas with a sweet odor. Commonly used in small doses as a sterilizing agent, the gas can damage DNA to effectively clean materials. Specifically, the medical device industry heavily relies on EtO to sterilize about 20 billion instruments per year. However, EtO is a human carcinogen, and exposure to the
  • What to Do After Being Exposed to Ethylene Oxide
    Ethylene oxide (EtO) is a colorless, sweet-smelling gas most commonly used as a sterilizing agent for medical equipment and other machinery. The gas is also used to make a product commonly used in antifreeze and polyester known as ethylene glycol. You or a loved one might be at risk of exposure if you live near or work at a plant
  • Over 3,000 Women Report Breakage of Paragard IUD Inside Their Bodies
    When it comes to birth control, women face the decision between hormonal and non-hormonal contraceptive methods. Many women are opposed to hormonal contraceptive methods due to side effects they may have faced, or a general distaste toward altering their hormone levels. Unfortunately, the options for non-hormonal birth control are extremely limited, with only one approved form of non-hormonal birth control
  • Witness Testimony and How It Can Help (Or Hurt) Your Georgia Accident Case
    Witnesses play a vital role in helping victims . However, not everyone understands exactly how important these individuals can be. A witness can make or break your Georgia accident case in ways that you might not appreciate until you have an accident. Working with an automobile accident attorney in Mableton, Georgia, you can use witness testimony to improve your chances of
  • Mediation as an Alternative to Court
    Many personal injury lawsuits that are not settled by the insurance company end up going to court. But this is not the only way to resolve the matter in the accident victim’s favor. Georgia personal injury lawyers may recommend mediation. Mediation is an increasingly popular way to settle injury cases and avoid the cost and stress of going to court. Other civil
    Our personal injury attorneys will be representing a woman named Camella Jackson in a negligence suit after her infant son’s skull was fractured in an Atlanta daycare. Georgia daycares get millions of dollars from the government to care for the state’s vulnerable children. However, 11Alive’s investigative team found that some Atlanta daycares have been cited hundreds of times over the
    Reputation is extremely important. Establishing a record as a fair and effective advocate can impact how a lawyer’s client is treated by judges and opposing counsel. An ethical lawyer will have no qualms telling you the truth about your chances of success. Be wary of anyone trying to sell you the moon. If someone’s promises are unusually optimistic, be cautious.
    WHAT HAPPENS AFTER AN ACCIDENT, THE ROAD AHEAD It takes mere seconds for a car accident to happen. The effects of the accident linger long after the police arrive to clear the scene. While you should be working on recovery, instead you’re torn between the countless problems that arise after an accident. Medical bills, transportation to your doctor visits, rehabilitation