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  • Four Things To Consider When Filing A Truck Accident Lawsuit
    When people say they feel like they got hit by a truck, what do they mean? Sometimes they mean that they physically feel very tired and sore, and sometimes they mean that they are reeling emotionally from a shock and do not know where to begin to take action. Almost no one who uses truck accidents as a metaphor has ever been
    There is nothing more American than navigating the roads. Few feelings are more liberating than the one you get from cruising down the open highway on a warm, sunny day in Georgia. However, the joys of driving can be shattered instantly due to the negligence of others. Automobile accidents continue to be one of the leading causes of death in
  • Large Truck Safety And Accident Compensation In Georgia
    Accidents involving large trucks have a high probability of resulting in serious injuries, mainly due to their sheer size. Despite numerous trucking regulations intended to keep drivers safe, operator negligence remains a persistent problem. In 2015, 4,050 large trucks were involved in fatal accidents in Georgia, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Here are some tips for driving defensively and what
  • Different Types of Truck Accidents And What Makes Them Deadly
    Most drivers instinctively know that 18-wheelers and other trucks pose unique roadway hazards. An automobile accident involving a large truck can be far more serious than one involving a passenger vehicle. This in turn increases the likelihood of severe injuries and fatalities. Understanding the nature of truck accidents will hopefully encourage drivers to stay alert and stay safe during their commutes. There
  • Log Book Fraud and Truck Accidents
    Due to the sheer size of commercial trucks, truck accidents in Georgia tend to result in serious injuries. For that reason, and others, a different set of regulations apply to trucks and truck drivers. These regulations are put forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and apply to truckers and their employers. One such rule involves the use
  • Blind Spot Large Truck Accidents in Mableton, Georgia
    The blind spot presents a risk to any driver, but especially to those of large trucks. Even though truck drivers are generally well-trained, just one oversight can cause a catastrophic accident. Truck drivers who are changing lanes, stopping, and turning should not forget to check their blind spots. When negligent drivers fail to do so and hurt others, we’re here