Defective Hip Implants Lawyer


Across the country, lawsuits have been filed against companies that have manufactured hip implants, for allegedly causing severe injuries or worsened their medical conditions. Some of the injury victims have had to subsequent surgeries to repair the damages caused, driving up the costs of treatment, and causing additional pain and emotional anguish.

Some of the companies that have been targeted in the lawsuits include Johnson & Johnson (DePuy ASR Hip Implant), Stryker Orthopedics (Rejuvenate and ABG II), Biomet (M2a metal-on-metal). All of these companies face thousands of lawsuits, where plaintiffs are alleging that these companies failed to give warnings about the risks.


In many of the complaints, plaintiffs report that the companies focused heavily on marketing the product to consumers, without informing them of the risks, or prevent the usage where safer alternatives were available.

Other complaints alleged from defective hip implant lawsuits include:

  • Corrosion and deterioration of the metal product
  • Failure to warn medical practitioners and patients about the dangers
  • Heavy metal toxicity, which can lead to bone and tissue damage
  • High or premature rate of failure
  • Compensation being sought for revision surgeries

One of the most overwhelming effects of a defective implant is the added time and expense of having to undergo revision surgeries and repeated treatments for repairing the damage. Many of the plaintiffs in these cases have filed lawsuits for this very reason. If you have suffered from complications due to a defective implant, it is your right to seek compensation for economic losses, which may include the cost of treatment, pain and suffering, and wages lost due to an inability to work.


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