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Located in the center of Cobb County, just 20 miles from Atlanta, Marietta is a great city to live in. Filled with history but in continuous development, it is quieter than the nearby metropolis. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries occur here as well. No one knows that better than our Marietta personal injury lawyers.

At Schneider Hammers, we receive inquiries from both Marietta residents and tourists. Some reach out to us after incurring injuries in traffic, on their way to or from work. Others slipped and fell while visiting local landmarks.

Many things can go wrong when people are in a continuous hurry, always with a thousand things on their mind.  However, when someone gets injured, Georgia laws step in to protect them. Those who incur injuries due to someone else’s negligence have the right to seek compensation. The party responsible for their injuries should pay compensation.

If they are insured for such incidents, their insurer takes over the responsibility. Automobile accidents are the most common example of cases in which insurance companies pay the compensations. The process injured victims need to follow depends on the specifics of the case. It could involve filing an insurance claim or filing a court lawsuit. Each process involves a long set of formalities and tons of paperwork.

These hassles are discouraging for many people, so discouraging that they prefer to give up their right to compensation. At Schneider Hammers, we advise against that. If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, you should fight for your rights. The party at fault should cover all the losses you incurred due to their actions.

Depending on the particularities of your case, the compensation could be anything between a couple of thousand dollars and tens, or even hundreds of thousands. The least you can do, before making any drastic decisions is to find out how much your case is worth.

Personal Injury Lawyers Marietta, GA

Our Marietta personal injury law firm can help get started with your personal injury claims for your lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses. At Schneider Hammers, we provide free case evaluations. They are a great opportunity to find out what your rights are and how to defend them. If you give us the information we need, we should be able to approximate the compensation you can hope to obtain.

Each case is different, but experienced attorneys have solutions for all of them. At Schneider Hammers, we have handled hundreds of personal injury cases. Here are some types of cases we handle on a regular basis. If yours falls among them, seek justice and give us a call!

Types of Personal Injury Cases Our Attorneys in Marietta Handle Regularly

Car Accidents

According to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, every day, more and more accidents occur in Cobb County. The number of traffic accidents has been growing constantly since 2012. The latest reports mention 34,985 crashes and 8,470 injuries in 2016. Judging by the ascending trends, this year could end with over 40,000 accidents and 10,000 injuries.

If you get into an accident, the last thing you want to do is panic. Pull over, call an ambulance, if necessary, and the police. If you get a chance, call our office and ask to talk with one of our Marietta car accident lawyers. They will advise you on how to proceed and, hopefully, come to assist you at the scene. Until they get to you, remember to gather the contact and insurance data of everyone involved.

Truck Accidents

Most of the heavy traffic in Marietta takes place on U.S. Route 41, State Route 3, Cobb Parkway, and I-75. Tractor trailers usually cause severe damage and end up blocking the road. Establishing fault for them is usually a challenge. Although the FMCSA admits that truck drivers cause 50% of accidents, other parties could be at fault too.

At Schneider Hammers, we prefer to avoid suppositions and focus on what we can prove. That is why any Schneider Hammers’ truck accident lawyer investigates both the driver and the truck. We have come across not only drowsy drivers but also across truck maintenance issues and defective parts. Seeking compensation from the wrong party would be a waste of time and money. We simply help our clients do things right from the beginning.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle and car collision in Marietta

Motorcycle wrecks can be tragic and painful. Seek justice!

Motorcycles are a great way to get by on Marietta streets. However, operated at high speed and without wearing protective equipment, they can be dangerous. Drivers have yet to learn to respect and protect motorcyclists in traffic. Until they do, we advise motorcyclists to be careful. Should the worst happen, we are here to help.

Our legal team includes experienced and dedicated motorcycle accident attorneys. They know local regulations and state laws by heart, and they always find a way to help clients. Most of our motorcycle accident cases settle out of court. However, when the situation calls for it, we do not mind going to trial. All we care about are our clients’ interests.

Bicycle Accidents

At Schneider Hammers, we hate bicycle accidents for the damages and injuries they cause. Our favorite moments are those when we manage to obtain the compensation our clients deserve. Those moments make us believe in justice and second chances. The outcome of bicycle accident cases often depends on the first actions of the victims after the accident.

That is why we urge clients to undergo a medical exam and gather evidence. They should take photos, record videos, and write down even the seemingly insignificant details. Sure, the police will prepare an accident report. However, the report will reflect their side of the story. Experience has taught our bicycle accident lawyers that any story has more than one side. To secure compensation, we and our clients will need to present and prove our own side of the story.

Workers’ Compensation

Many Marietta residents put up with improper workplace conditions fearing unemployment. Too many have realized they should have done something when it was already too late. Workplace safety is a right all employees should enjoy. When it does not happen, we can help.

Each Schneider Hammers workers comp attorney has handled all types of workers’ compensation cases. We report unsafe conditions, claim workers’ compensation benefits, and fight employer retaliation. The offices of the State Board of Workers’ Compensation and of the local insurers are like a second home for us.

Uber Accidents

Rideshare services are helpful and affordable for quite a few Marietta residents. Unfortunately, they are not quite as safe as advertised. Uber cars get into accidents too. Many times, their drivers are the ones at fault. Although Uber included driver liability coverage in their insurance, getting money from their insurer is often an impossible mission.

To succeed, our rideshare attorneys, including LYFT and Uber accident lawyers gather mountains of evidence and look into similar cases. They always investigate the driver thoroughly. Their findings help prove driver liability and shed light on Uber’s shallow background verifications. We are used to seeing Uber and their insurer trying to avoid paying. Luckily for our clients, we have our own strategies to get the due money from them.

Slip and Fall Accidents

It is easy to slip on a wet floor. Perhaps it was recently washed. Surfaces covered in tiles become extremely slippery when wet. Liquid spills, especially oily ones, are dangerous on any type of surface. Many Marietta residents fall, incur injuries, and feel deprived of their dignity.

Property owners and/or managers have the duty to eliminate dangerous conditions. If they do not, and someone gets hurt, they should pay the price. At Schneider Hammers, we make sure they do. It is never easy, but our slip and fall accident attorneys love challenges. With them on your side, you will do too.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death occurs when one person dies because of another party’s actions. Death may occur immediately or following severe injuries. Since the victim can no longer seek compensation for their losses, their heirs follow in line.

Georgia laws admit two types of wrongful death claims. One is for the value of the life of the deceased and has their spouse, children, or parents as claimants. The other one is for the losses the wrongful death caused to the deceased’s estate. Anyone can file it after establishing the estate and becoming its representative.

For someone in pain and still grieving, finding their way through Georgia law is difficult. For our Marietta personal injury and wrongful death lawyers, it is just routine.

Premises Liability

Dog bites, slip-and-falls, falling objects, and construction site accidents are frequent in Marietta. So are playground equipment injuries, and swimming pool accidents. When they occur due to the negligence of the property owner or manager, the latter should answer.

Under Georgia laws, they owe their visitors a duty of care. It refers to eliminating or warning of any dangerous conditions. This duty is the first thing our Marietta premises liability lawyers explain to our clients. It depends on the status of the victim on the property, so things are not that easy. We can assess how it applies to your case in a free consultation.

Medical Malpractice

The very people who are supposed to care for our health sometimes jeopardize it. They make mistakes, not necessarily intentional. When they do, they or their insurers should compensate their patients. At Schneider Hammers, our medical malpractice attorneys see to that.

They gather evidence and acquire expert affidavits. They document injuries, expenses, and losses, and include them in the compensation claim. We prove so cases so thoroughly, that obtaining compensation for our clients is just a matter of time. If you incurred injuries due to a healthcare provider’s negligence, don’t hesitate to turn to us for help.

Nursing Home Abuse

Old lady on wheelchair being punish in a nursing home

If any of your family member has suffer of physical or mental abuse - contact a skillful attorney immediately

More and more Marietta seniors move into nursing homes to benefit from better comfort and care. Some do. Others receive humiliation and even violence instead of comfort or care. The caretakers abuse them, and many cannot even defend themselves.

As any Schneider Hammer nursing home abuse attorney will emphasize, relatives should watch out for abuse signs. They could be bruises or scratches, anxiety and depression, or reactions of fear towards the abuser. The victims may not be able to defend themselves, but we can do something to protect them. We can also punish the abuser and discourage their behavior towards others.

Pedestrian Accidents

In Georgia, pedestrian accidents account for 15% of traffic fatalities. It may not seem much, but they still ruin lives and tear families apart. With no equipment or vehicle to protect them, pedestrians incur the worst injuries. Few get away without traumatic brain injuries, spine injuries, or broken bones.

At Schneider Hammers, we help them seek compensation for all their losses. We document and claim injury-related expenses, lost earnings, physical and emotional pain, and more. An experienced pedestrian accident lawyer will negotiate with insurance companies or go to court if we have to. We do not rest until we see the money in their hands or accounts.

Burn Injuries

Fires start and spread with ease, and they are not the only ones to cause burn injuries. No matter which body parts they affect, these injuries are painful and leave scars. The least the party at fault can do is cover the related expenses and losses. Unfortunately, making them pay is not easy. It takes investigations, evidence, and sound negotiation skills.

Our burn injury attorneys in Marietta Georgia have them all. They are also 100% dedicated to protecting their client’s interests. They can protect yours too if you let them. The sooner we take over your case, the faster you get the compensation you deserve.

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