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Roswell is one of the safest places in Georgia. City Crime Ranking rates it as the 18th safest city in the country. Frommer’s designated it among the three best cities in the country for raising a family. According to CNN, it is the U.S. 76th best city to live in.

With such endorsements, we expected our personal injury attorneys in Roswell to receive fewer cases. However, the reality exceeded our expectations.

Under Georgia laws, anyone incurring injuries due to another person is entitled to compensation. However, in order to obtain compensation, they will need to prove several aspects:

  • That the party at fault owed them a duty of case
  • That they breached or neglected their duty of care
  • That their breach or negligence caused the injuries.

The breach will depend on the specifics of the case. For car accidents, common examples would be traffic law violations. Think of speeding, impaired driving, or failure to yield right of way. For slip-and-fall and dog-bite cases, violations refer to the premises liability law.

The examples could continue. It is important to note that, in all cases, the burden of proof falls on the victim. In order to recover their losses, they will need relevant evidence. The evidence they present should also justify the value of the compensation they claim.

Add to that the need for following strict rules and procedures, and things become really complicated. No wonder many of those who seek compensation on their own failures. To prevent that from happening to you, it is best to consult an experienced Roswell accident and injury lawyer.

At Schneider Hammers, our law office filled with super lawyers in Roswell has handled various types of cases. Their experience covers anything from insurance companies claims to worker’s compensation claims and court trials. If you are not sure they can help with your case, perhaps reviewing the types of cases they handle regularly will help.

Types of Cases Handled by Personal Injury Lawyers in Roswell

Car Accidents

Vehicle wreck in Roswell, GA

Auto crash between two vehicles in Roswell, GA

Many of the over 60,000 traffic accidents and 12,000 injuries in Fulton County occur in Atlanta. However, Roswell sees its share of unfortunate events. Most of them occur on the State Routes 92, 120, 140, and 400, but also at the intersections downtown.

The first moments after an accident are critical for the outcome of the compensation claim. Many victims make mistakes and neglect important details that later cost them their right to compensation.

That is why, at Schneider Hammers, we recommend contacting a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. They will guide their clients’ steps and defend their interests. They will take over the evidence collection process and make sure their client sees a doctor. Compensations cover only injuries that have been documented. Medical expenses reports represent the best documentation.

Truck Accidents

Every now and then, truck accidents disrupt the traffic flow in Roswell. Sometimes they block streets like Hardscrabble Road and King Road. Other times, they slow down Highways 92 or the Roswell Relief Route. The place where they occur is less important than the injuries and damages they cause.

Trucks are ten, even twenty times heavier than regular cars. The accidents they cause have devastating consequences. Who should answer for those consequences? It could be the truck driver, their employer, third party service providers, or an insurer. At Schneider Hammers, we usually figure out the answer immediately. Our experienced truck accident lawyers in Roswell know exactly where to look.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are a fast and convenient alternative to cars in crowded traffic. However, a few seconds of distraction or an open car door can easily put an end to the fun. Motorcyclists do not have the vehicle’s framework and airbags to protect them. Many of them do not even wear a helmet. As a result, they are the most vulnerable to injuries.

Luckily, if they can prove the liability of the other party, they will recover all their losses. That is where we come in. Our motor accident lawyers know traffic laws by heart, especially those referring to motorcycles. For them, figuring out who violated those laws will be piece of cake. Since they are also great investigators, they will find the necessary evidence in no time.

Bicycle Accidents

Paths like the Big Creek Greenway, Roswell Riverwalk Trail, or Vickery Creek Trail are amazing. With breathtaking sceneries and the challenge every biker appreciates, they are a delight for Roswell residents. Surprisingly, most bicycle accidents in the area do not occur on these paths, but downtown. Bicyclists are rarely at fault, but they do incur the most serious injuries.

Proving how a bicycle accident occurred is not easy, especially for someone seriously injured. Without proper investigations at the scene, the most important evidence may get lost. A bicycle accident lawyer can prevent that from happening. They can take over the investigations and formalities and obtain you a substantial compensation.

Workers’ Compensation

Workplace accidents are more common in Roswell Georgia than anyone would like to accept. Employers still cut corners when it comes to ensuring workplace health and safety. When accidents happen, they do everything they can to avoid reporting them. Many employees have no idea what their rights are and how to defend them.

That is where we come in. At Schneider Hammers, we help employees make a difference. A workers comp lawyer will handle complaints with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. We help employees fight retaliation. We make sure they receive the due benefits, either as a lump sum or as monthly payments.  We do everything necessary to ensure a hassle-free recovery for any client who incurred workplace injuries.

Uber Accidents

Roswell residents welcomed Uber’s arrival in town. Their rideshare services seemed a safe and practical solution to taxis and driving personal cars. Unfortunately, as the demand for the service increased, the company began accepting less experienced drivers. Their lack of experience led to accidents.

Of course, Uber drivers are not always at fault. However, when they are, their victims should know what to expect. Uber’s insurance coverage is in many cases inaccessible. Many accident victims are so blinded by it that they do not even consider other options.

At Schneider Hammers, an Uber accident attorney can advise you to make informed decisions. We analyze their case and explain their options clearly, so they can act in their best interest.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Guy walking on a banana peel

Slip and fall accidents are very common and you may be entitle to a compensation.

When someone slips and falls on a supermarket floor, they feel embarrassed. They get up as fast as they can and pretend nothing happened, even though their back is killing them. That is wrong. Instead, they should analyze their case carefully, to see if they can file a compensation claim.

All they need to prove is that the store owner or manager neglected their duty towards clients. Perhaps they neglected to set up the wet floor sign or did not wipe off a liquid spill. If that is the case, they should pay for their negligence.

A Schneider Hammers slip and fall accident lawyer will handle the investigations and handling of formalities so you won’t have to.

Wrongful Death

When losing someone dear, few of us take the time to think about money. However, when the bills pile up and we can no longer keep up, things change. We want and need to make the party at fault pay. For that to happen, we need assistance.

Wrongful death claimants can act on behalf of themselves or on behalf of their loved one’s estate. Sometimes, the same person can seek both types of compensation. However, a wrongful death attorney can be extremely beneficial in taking over your case. We will fight for your rights. We establish our clients’ rights! Depending on the results, the rest is all about completing formalities.

Premises Liability

Not all property owners keep their premises safe or warn about dangers. When they do not, and someone gets hurt, they should answer. Of course, their liability depends on the status of the injured person. Invitees and licensees have more rights than trespassers.

However, there are situations when trespassers can claim compensation too. A premises liability lawyer can help determine this. The exception applies to children hurt on properties with attractive nuisances. At Schneider Hammers, we prefer to examine the property carefully before giving an opinion. Our observations allow us to find the best solution for our cases.

Medical Malpractice

When the very people supposed to alleviate your pain hurt you, it is your right to seek compensation. Obtaining it will not be easy, but you do not have to do everything on your own. Whether you’re going against doctors, nurses, or institutions, you can rely on our help.

An experienced Roswell medical malpractice lawyer will evaluate your claim and let you know where you stand. They will help you obtain the expert affidavit and all the evidence you need. They will defend your interests in court or in front of insurers. They will negotiate and renegotiate until they obtain the compensation you deserve.

Nursing Home Abuse

In nursing homes, seniors should find peace and support. They should receive care and treatment for their conditions. When they receive insults or injuries instead, their abusers should answer. But stories are not enough. Nursing home abuse cases need solid evidence too. To obtain them, Schneider Hammers nursing home abuse attorneys turn into real detectives.

They install surveillance cameras, they question witnesses, and they check the personnel’s background. They request medical examinations for the injured and ensure their adequate care. When their case documentation is complete and sure to receive a favorable verdict, they take action.

Pedestrian Accidents

We should all walk for at least 30 minutes daily and take the stairs whenever possible. Few of us have the time though. Those who do, often fall victim to pedestrian accidents. Depending on how they occur, some pedestrian accidents are very serious. Their victims hit the nearby curbs, guardrails, or windshields.

At Schneider Hammers, our pedestrian accident lawyers have handled quite a few pedestrian accidents. They know how devastating their consequences can be and they do everything in their power to support their victims. As a result, the compensations we obtain for our clients cover more than hospital bills.

We document pain and suffering, lost earnings, and even emotional losses. We give our clients the chance to start a new life with the money we obtain for them.

Burn Injuries

Fires have many causes: malfunctioning appliances, homeowner negligence, gas accumulations, lightning storms, etc. Unfortunately, they also have severe consequences. Burn injuries are painful and heal slowly. When they are deep, they leave unsightly scars that only surgery can remove.

Our burn injury lawyers know how traumatic these injuries can be. That is why they work hard to obtain high compensations for their clients. This way, the latter can benefit even from expensive aesthetic treatments without worrying about money. Getting money from insurers or winning court trials is not easy. Those planning to try their luck on their own should think again.

Reasons to hire Schneider Hammers Lawyers

Reasons to hire Schneider Hammers Lawyers

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